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How to Book a Session

This page was custom-made for our local South African clients and offers our banking details for easy EFT payments.

  1. Select the specific session you would like to book

  2. Make payment via EFT 

  3. Download the Client Form 

  4. Complete and sign the form

  5. Email completed form, with a photo of yourself and your proof of payment to:

  6. If you are unsure of which session you require, or how to book a session, please feel free to contact us so we may assist you.

Please Note

The online sessions are proxy sessions, the scans are done on a photo of you.  

These sessions are not in person sessions, to book a Zoom session, please email us on

Negative Connections Photo Scan (R 500)

Sometimes we are still connected to people from our past, or have negative relationships we are currently stuck in. This could lead to soul ties, spirit ties, trauma bonds and cordings. This scan will identify negative connections, the trauma keeping it in place, as well as any spiritual elements like entities and curses related to these negative connections. The trauma that is identified, is also released during the scan. The report will include a list of the related traumas for information purposes, as well as a list of the spiritual elements and a prayer to release it. 

Heavenly Courtroom Photo Scan (R 500)

Through the bloodline we inherited ungodly bonds and curses that pay out in our lifetime. Just as you would have a bond on a house, and that bond’s payment becomes due, these ungodly bonds pay out as a form of evil inheritance, and there is a price to be paid in your lifetime. This scan will provide a detailed report on these ungodly bonds, unrepented sins keeping it in place and the entities assigned over these bonds. But it will also provide information on Godly bonds that are available on the bloodline and need to be claimed and released, as well as blessings. Remember; you do not just inherit the ungodly bonds and curses on a bloodline, the blessings are also for the generations to come! The report includes a prayer to release ungodly bonds and to claim the Godly bonds and blessings. 


SIT’s Photo Scan (R500)

Satanic Intelligence Technology is all around us, built into certain medication, vaccines, 5G or simply released in the air. We inhale, absorb or ingest this micro technology, and this ends up wreaking havoc in our bodies and minds. This scan will provide a detailed report of the SIT’s that could be identified in the body, as well as detox solutions, and a prayer that can be prayed to release the SIT’s. 

Demonic Time Clocks Photo Scan (R 500)

God is the God of times and seasons, but the enemy also works with evil times and seasons. Through trauma, or bloodline iniquity, certain demonic time clocks could be installed and activated in your life. When you see a pattern repeat based on certain times or dates in your life, chances are good that there is a demonic time clock that you need to address. This session will provide you with a detailed report related to demonic time clocks, as well as prayers that can be prayed to release it. 

Bloodline Photo Scan

(R 500)

In Deuteronomy 5 God says He will visit the iniquity of the forefathers to the third and the fourth generation. Sin is something you do, when it becomes a habit this same sin turns into a transgression, when you die your decedents inherit the iniquity of that transgression. And so, a pattern of sin will repeat from one generation to another. Or the curses of that sin will present in the lives of the generations to come. Through Muscle Testing we can identify these sin markers on the DNA, because they present like Epigenetic Markers on the DNA. The scan will provide you with a detailed report on the unrepented sins that need to be dealt with. As well as a list of entities, gatekeepers and saboteurs kept in place by bloodline covenants. It will also include a list of curses, and a prayer that you can pray to release everything identified in a session. 

Deficiencies Photo Scan


Many symptoms we experience are due to a deficiency in the body. We end up taking so many supplements and nutrients that we may not really need, placing extra pressure on our kidneys and liver to process all those components that the body cannot absorb. With this scan, we will test for those nutrients, superfoods and essential oils that your body really needs. Saving you money, and also giving your body what it really needs!

Barrier Image.png

Barrier Photo Scan


All of us have Barriers. We start building these Barriers when we are still very young, it is an attempt of the subconscious mind to protect us from hurt, betrayal, disappointment, etc. Unfortunately, these Barriers end up isolating us, affecting our relationships, careers and ministry in a negative way. Some of the symptoms of a Barrier include depression, anxiety, feeling like you don’t belong, resentment, struggling to give and receive love. Barriers are like onions, and these layers of trauma frequencies need to be peeled away layer by layer. Multiple sessions are required to deal with one Barrier, but the results are life changing!

Pathogens Photo Scan.png

Pathogens Photo Scan


Although Muscle Testing is not a diagnostic tool, biofeedback from the body can identify the foreign frequencies that belong to pathogens. This scan will provide feedback on any pathogens identified, as well as proposing natural remedies.  Many of our chronic symptoms like allergies, hay fever, sinus and gut imbalances are related to these microorganisms in the body.

Negative Thought Patterns Photo Scan.png

Negative Thought Patterns Photo Scan


Negative Thought Patterns are shaped by trauma, but often kept in place by the demonic. This session will provide a detailed report on the types of Negative Thought Patterns identified through Muscle Testing, as well as the traumas that formed them, and any spiritual elements related to it. All trauma will be released by the consultant as identified, and the report will include a prayer that the client can pray through to deal with the spiritual elements identified.

Heavy Metals and Toxins Detox Photo Scan.png

Heavy Metals and Toxins Detox Photo Scan


Daily we absorb, ingest or inhale heavy metals and other toxins through our food, water, medicine and even supplements. Through biofeedback from the body, this scan will provide information on the toxins and heavy metals in the body, as well as offer proposed natural ways to detox from these harmful substances.

Pet  Animal Photo Scan.png

Pet / Animal Photo Scan


You pet also experiences emotions just like you! They do not only trap their own trauma in their little bodies, but often end up absorbing the trauma of their owner/s as a form of empathy. As this trauma becomes stuck in the body, it causes energetic imbalances that may lead to unfavourable behaviour, or even symptoms like pain and inflammation.  Through Muscle Testing we can identify these traumas, as well as pathogens that may be stuck in your pet’s body.


Custom Select Photo Scan


Custom Select is a one-of-a-kind photo session that provides you with the freedom to select the type of session that best suits your specific needs. Whether you require a session to address spiritual, emotional, or physical concerns, you now have the option to personalize your experience. To receive personalized assistance, simply send us an email with your specific requirements, and we will help you design a customized session that meets your individual needs.


The Greatest Deception 



Discover the truth behind common misconceptions about the Word of God and His commandments in this eye-opening book. From the tactics of the enemy to the fulfillment of Jesus' warning in Matthew 24:24, this book reveals the centuries-long battle for truth and the importance of discernment in our modern world. Don't be led astray - arm yourself with the knowledge to stay faithful to the true teachings of the Bible.


Relationship Restoration Package Photo Scan


In close relationships, such as marriages, individuals may encounter trauma from disappointment, betrayal, and conflict. This trauma builds a barrier between partners, composed of accumulated experiences within the relationship. This barrier becomes a lens through which the relationship and the partner are perceived. Breaking down this barrier allows for healing and restoration in the relationship. Couples can experience greater emotional and physical intimacy, resolve conflicts more easily, and genuinely express and receive love. This package offers 8 barrier sessions, one per week per partner, along with a Bloodline Scan (per partner) and Heavenly Courtroom Scan (per partner) to identify any marriage-related curses. It is highly recommended for all married couples seeking to strengthen their relationship.


Liver Cleanse Photo Scan


The liver is a vital filter organ in the body. It plays a crucial role in filtering and detoxifying harmful substances, such as toxins, drugs, and metabolic waste products. Additionally, the liver helps in metabolizing nutrients, storing vitamins and minerals, and producing bile for digestion. Its ability to filter and process various substances makes the liver essential for maintaining overall health and well-being. The liver, being a hard-working organ, can accumulate clusters of traumas, leading to inflammation and chronic symptoms. This detox aims to address these clusters in the liver, which may be layered, requiring multiple sessions to completely clear the trauma and restore liver health.


Adrenal Detox Photo Scan


The adrenals are important for the immune system, stress response, and anxiety regulation. They produce hormones that help modulate immune function, manage stress levels, and influence anxiety. Their proper functioning is essential for maintaining a balanced immune response and managing stress and anxiety effectively. The adrenals, being a hard-working glands, can accumulate clusters of traumas, leading to inflammation and chronic symptoms. This detox aims to address these clusters in the adrenals, which may be layered, requiring multiple sessions to completely clear the trauma and restore adrenal’s equilibrium.


Lymph Detox Photo Scan


The lymphatic system is crucial for the immune system and detoxification. It helps remove toxins, waste products, and pathogens from the body, supporting the immune response. By transporting immune cells and fluids, the lymphatic system plays a vital role in defending against infections and maintaining overall health through effective detoxification processes. The lymphatic system, can accumulate clusters of traumas, leading to inflammation and chronic symptoms. This detox aims to address these clusters in the lymphatic system, which may be layered, requiring multiple sessions to completely clear the trauma and restore full and healthy function of the lymphatic system.

Stress 2.png

Stress Detox Photo Scan


Discover emotional freedom with our Trauma Purge Photo Session. Uncover and release suppressed trauma from your stress center - the vagus nerve, adrenals, and amygdala. Multiple sessions are recommended to address layered "trauma clusters" and regain control over your stress response. Start your journey to a more resilient you today.

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