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Client Testimonials

S. from South Africa

“Yesterday I started praying through the prayer, before I started Abba showed me a light shining in a tunnel from above, the light was shining on me. As I started the first prayer of renunciation, it was about the Light driving away the Darkness! This specific prayer of renunciation was about idol worship, and Abba reminded me of a dream I had two years ago of an idol that was following me around. It had the body of a golden bird and the head of a goat. I realise now that Abba has been waiting for me to sort out this iniquity on my bloodline through repentance! Praise Abba for His faithfulness!”

C. From The Netherlands

We have received so much healing on emotional and body level through this Quantum Counselling.

My husband has struggled with a pain in his left hip.

It turns out that my husband had a cluster of old Trauma Frequencies on his right foot 3rd toe (second knuckle). After releasing this his hip pain has disappeared for good!

B. from South Africa

“I have been doing the quantum Scio machine analysis over the past few years regularly. One of the protocols it has is to analyse your emotional balance. To make sense of your emotional wellbeing it will group balanced emotions between 80 and 100 on the graph and every emotion below or above will then point out emotional imbalance. With every session I usually had quite a few emotions in the unbalanced category.

What a blessing when I had my last quantum Scio scan and for the first time, I noticed that all my emotions were in the balanced area. This was a first for me and the only thing

that changed was that I had one Barrier session with a Quantum Consultant! 

Only one session and an immediate measurable result. Quantum everything is the new thing and the way to go! Thank you for preparing the way Elzaan!” 

M. from Namibia

I was diagnosed with Lupus SLE flare-ups 10 years ago. It has a terrible effect on my kidneys and due to the flare-ups, I lose kidney function due to these flare-ups that occur every year or two. This time it is different! I started seeing a Quantum Consultant and she helped me to deal with years of emotional baggage, that I realise now had such an adverse effect on my health!


After only one session my creatine toxin count dropped with 80 units in a week, this is unheard of! Even my specialist was surprised. I know that this tool is a gift from God, that He is using this to heal the sick. And He starts within, with our thoughts, emotions and supressed trauma!

M. from Namibia

After the amazing breakthrough in terms of my Lupus symptoms, the enemy started attacking my marriage. Suddenly my husband and I just have the one misunderstanding after the other. I knew this was a spiritual attack, so I took the Prayer Manual (The Lost Art of Prayer) and immediately started praying for my marriage and my husband.

I can only testify that God is good! He continues to answer my prayers and to bring healing to my body. Now when I feel sad or depressed I run to Him, and I can feel His presence and His love.

The Quantum Sessions helped me to heal the emotional pain, but also to dig in and start 

 praying, the prayer manual provided me with the practical words and ideas for prayer when I felt I did not have the words myself. All the honour to God!

R. from South Africa

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). I struggled with immense pain and cysts on my ovaries for years. Every few years I had to change my hormone treatments because the old treatments were no longer effective. Over the years I have had multiple operations to have cysts removed. And have been told that I would struggle to conceive and probably never have children.

Recently they found 7 large cysts in my ovaries, and wanted to operate to remove them. But with every surgery my chances of natural conception decrease dramatically. I then decided to stop all hormone treatment and started seeing a Quantum Consultant that could help me heal naturally from old trauma in my body that was contributing to the PCOS. I also started seeing a naturalist and went off the chemical meds.

In three months, I have prayed and believed that God would reset my body and heal me. After 3 months I went back to the Gynaecologist and for the first time in 13 years there was not a single cysts in sight! She went so far as to say that it would seem like my body was complete healed from PCOS. I want to praise YHWH for this miraculous journey of healing!

What a blessing when I had my last quantum Scio scan and for the first time, I noticed that all my emotions were in the balanced area. This was a first for me and the only thing

that changed was that I had one Barrier session with a Quantum Consultant! 

Only one session and an immediate measurable result. Quantum everything is the new thing and the way to go! Thank you for preparing the way Elzaan!” 

I. from South Africa

On Monday as I was working through a specific Prayer of Renunciation that was on my Quantum Bloodline Report, my middle son came down with a high fever. Immediately I felt that it had something to do with the prayer I was praying to clean my bloodline. The curse on the report was “fever and inflammation”, so I knew this was  physical manifestation of something that was happening spiritually.

I knelt in front of my son, put my hands on his head and started praying as the Holy Spirit guided me. Immediately I could feel how the fever broke and left his body. He told me: “Jesus healed me mommy”


This just confirmed to me that these things are so real! I am more motivated than ever to sort out my bloodline, for the sake of my kids. All the honour to God!

C. From The Netherlands

We are emotionally expressive people and at the start of our marriage we argued a LOT. Often the sparks were flying.

Over the years this became such a negative pattern whenever we disagreed.

Since our Barriers were released 8 months ago all the sharpness was gone out of our  arguments. We were no longer as easily triggered. We were able to listen to each other and be more understanding.  Releasing our Barriers is a huge testimony for our marriage.

E. from South Africa

“After struggling to fall pregnant for 4 years we were overwhelmed with joy when we fell pregnant! But our joy was soon stolen when our boy was diagnosed with autism at age 2.  We immediately started with intense therapy, detox diets and hours of tutoring. We were so thankful for all his progress and finally getting our boy “back”.

But when he turned 6 it was almost as if a switch was turned off, yes, he spoke, made eye contact and relatively managed socially but anxiety & fear took over. He lost his joy, academically & emotionally he regressed greatly and there was no obvious reason. Praise God when our path crossed with Elzaan. We have started a journey with her and through Quantum Counselling God has truly helped us to pinpoint and illuminate the strong holds the enemy had on him. The root and curse of his autism are being revealed and released!

After our first few sessions he started to get his joy back, doing & enjoying things he never would have. Even his occupational therapist asked this week what medication or

 therapy we introduced because his last two sessions with her “was the best his ever had and he was like a different boy!” We are so excited and thankful to be on this road

of recovery and we know that he will be fully healed just like Abba promised us.

This is only the beginning of a super exciting journey that we will use to further our ministry and help other kids/families to overcome autism! Yes, that is how big Yahweh is!

E. from South Africa

I suffered from Edema due to High Blood Pressure, we started working through Quantum Counselling on trauma in my kidneys in June 2021. I could not even fit my feet into my shoes at that time. After 4 months of Quantum Sessions, my feet look like they did before I starte struggling with Edema. They perfectly fit into my shoes, no swelling whatsoever! Praise the LORD!

N. from South Africa

Working with the Holy Spirit, Elzaan and the quantum tool has been a life-giving experience! The breakthrough and change of character in my own life and the shift and growth in my husband has left me speechless and in awe. My heart is filled with gratitude and leaps with praise for being liberated from my spiritual imprisonment to a place of real confidence, joy, and liberty.

J. from South Africa

A short testimony on how my son’s eyes improved: he has a genetic disorder called Epiphyseal Dysplasia. At a young age he already had to have two hip replacements. Since we started with Quantum Counselling, his breakthroughs in his life and health have been phenomenal. We do work on trauma in the body, but the Bloodline Sessions with the prayers have also been such a blessing in terms of the breakthroughs we as a family have experienced.

Over time his eyes started getting weak, I never thought it could be related to the Epiphyseal Dysplasia. We took him to the optometrist and they diagnosed him with Diagnose X-linked retinoschisis; this is part of the genetic disease he was born with and leads to swelling behind the eyes.

The Doctor prescribed medication and we did quite a few Quantum Sessions on his eyes. During this time we combined the Quantum Sessions with Hadassah Essential Oils. After a few weeks we went back for a follow up with the Doctor, he was shocked! The swelling was nearly entirely gone! His eyesight improved from 30% to 70%.

 I cannot thank Abba enough for sending you on our path, and for this amazing tool He gave us through Quantum Counselling. We are seeing the physical and spiritual fruit in our lives every day!

E. From South Africa

My dad had a stroke at the end of 2021 and due to a blood clot in his left eye he was left blind in that eye. After the first two Quantum sessions you did, he started experiencing a change in his vision; for the first time since the stroke he started seeing colour and movement through his left eye. All the praise to Yeshua for my dad’s healing, and we trust that his recovery will be in full! We are so grateful Elzaan, words cannot describe how grateful we are for the Lord and for this tool. And we were so surprised by the Bloodline stuff that came out that was also related to this. Now we can clean up the bloodline for the next generation to come. Praise Yeshua!

A. From The Netherlands

Because of trauma I experienced in my childhood I built walls around my heart. In every barrier session these trauma frequencies are being released and layer by layer the walls are coming down. I am experiencing the change! I am feeling more in touch with my emotions and I am feeling more connected to others. But most important, I am feeling more connected to God and I can receive His love and care for me.

H. From the USA

Hi Elzaan! I wanted to give you an update and a testimony about my neck and shoulder.

After my scan it almost felt instantaneously better. My neck since 2017 has been constantly tight and for a few years, even caused me to have a pretty bad head tilt. This tightness would then carry over into my shoulder. I have been going to a chiropractor for many years for it, and really the only thing that helped was massaging to help loosen the muscle. We determined a lot of trauma frequencies were trapped on my OPPOSITE (left) side, which made a lot of sense the more i thought about it and realizing my right side was overcompensating for the imbalances on the left.

After the quick relief I felt, I went to my chiropractor and for the first time EVER, he was able to actually adjust my upper neck because it was able to move around! The body is incredible and I’m so grateful to know about this work. It’s simplicity yet effectiveness is such a game-changer!

Z. from Switzerland

"After the birth of my daughter, at around 4 weeks, she started struggling severely with silent acid reflux. Sleeping was terrible and I experienced so much anxiety when I would have to rock her to sleep because she just wouldn’t sleep due to her discomfort. I tried everything I knew to do- chiropracty, medicine, sleeping in an upright position. I was completely hopeless as I didn’t know how to comfort her. At around 11 weeks, Elzaan tested for allergens in my breastmilk that my daughter might have an aversion to and we found out that the acid reflux was caused by my consuming of gluten, dairy, nuts and eggs. I cut these foods out and I now have a COMPLETELY different child!! No more acid reflux. She is a happy baby and easily goes to and stays asleep. I am forever grateful! My husband and I were completely overwhelmed and so tired because of the late nights, but now have new hope! Thank You Lord!"

M. from South Africa

Hi Elzaan just wanted to share a testimony with you. After our session on Monday I have had zero back pain and can get out of bed normally now and have even started jogging again. Thank you Jesus and thank you Elzaan - feels like I’m getting my life back!

A. from South Africa

Ten years ago I was diagnosed with Alopecia, it is an autoimmune disease that causes round patches of hair to fall out on your body, in my case it was in my beard and on the back of my head. Since I have dark hair, and a thick beard, it was very visible and quite embarrassing for me. I started with Quantum sessions and we worked on deficiencies in my body, bloodline and trauma in my body. After one year all the patches have been replaced by hair, there is no sign of any Alopecia anymore. Not even the Dermatologist could help me in this way, the only thing he kept on prescribing was cortisone. And he said I would never be healed. But God is good, and for Him NOTHING is impossible! I am fully healed!

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