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Bloodline Photo Scan

  • In Deuteronomy 5 God says He will visit the iniquity of the forefathers to the third and the fourth generation. Sin is something you do, when it becomes a habit this same sin turns into a transgression, when you die your decedents inherit the iniquity of that transgression. And so, a pattern of sin will repeat from one generation to another. Or the curses of that sin will present in the lives of the generations to come. Through Muscle Testing we can identify these sin markers on the DNA, because they present like Epigenetic Markers on the DNA. The scan will provide you with a detailed report on the unrepented sins that need to be dealt with. As well as a list of entities, gatekeepers and saboteurs kept in place by bloodline covenants. It will also include a list of curses, and a prayer that you can pray to release everything identified in a session.

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