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Ready to start your own healing journey? 

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Meet us

Healthy Vibes was founded as a result of our personal journey towards healing. Having faced abuse, trauma, and disappointment, we were desperate for a new approach to counseling.

Tony battled with an autoimmune condition that was deemed incurable by doctors, and the prescribed treatments had no effect. However, by focusing on his deficiencies, trauma in the body, and bloodline, he experienced complete healing within a year. Witnessing the transformative power of Quantum Counseling in our own lives, we pursued further education and training.

Elzaan received her education from a school in the USA, and Tony studied at The Quantum Academy in South Africa. Our commitment to learning and discovery continues as we explore the intricate interconnection between our bodies, souls, and spirits as designed by the Creator.

Our belief is that true freedom and healing can only be achieved when issues are addressed at all three levels: body, soul, and spirit. We have dedicated our lives and work to serving in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and the ultimate healer, Messiah Yeshua.

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