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Ready to start your own healing journey? 


Discover Our Story

Healthy Vibes was founded as a result of our personal journey towards healing. Having faced abuse, trauma, and disappointment, we were desperate for a new approach to counselling.

Tony battled with an autoimmune condition that was deemed incurable by doctors, and the prescribed treatments had no effect. However, by focusing on his deficiencies, trauma in the body, and bloodline, he experienced complete healing within a year. Witnessing the transformative power of Quantum Counselling in our own lives, we pursued further education and training.

Our belief is that true freedom and healing can only be achieved when issues are addressed at all three levels: body, soul, and spirit. We have dedicated our lives and work to serving in the Kingdom of our Heavenly Father and the ultimate healer, Messiah Yeshua.

Elzaan Da Camara 

Counsellor, Quantum Consultant, and Director of Quantum Academy. Passionate about guiding healing journeys, addressing past trauma, spiritual growth, and fostering connection with God.


Offers Zoom counselling and remote Quantum Scans.


Connect with Elzaan at or WhatsApp +27 76 858 3854. Schedule an appointment on our "Book A Session" page.


Tony Da Camara 

Licensed Life Coach, Quantum Consultant, and seasoned business professional with 16+ years of experience. Passionate about helping individuals overcome obstacles and achieve their goals,


Tony offers Life Coaching, Business Mentoring, Group Coaching, and Quantum Counselling services.


Connect with Tony via email at or WhatsApp +27 82 521 0652. Visit our "Book A Session" page to schedule an appointment.


What is Muscle Testing and How Does it Work?

Muscle Testing, is a method rooted in science that involves applying pressure to a muscle to gather feedback from the body's bio-communication network. Muscle Testing can be done either in person or via Proxy. Proxy Muscle Testing is when one person connects to another person’s bio-communication network using the laws of Quantum Entanglement, that is foundational to Quantum Physics.


Did you know your body generates an Electromagnetic Current? This current is produced by the brain and heart, and is connected to the subconscious mind. The Electromagnetic Current is also a carrier of valuable information that can be accessed via Muscle Testing, and works on the same principles of a lie detector test. Similar to a lie detector test, Muscle Testing assesses the strength of the Electromagnetic Current emitted by the body. If you were connected to a lie detector test, your Electromagnetic Current would remain strong when the statement is true but weaken if the statement is false. The same principle applies to Muscle Testing. By presenting specific statements to the body and observing the response of the Electromagnetic Current, certain information about the body, soul, and spirit can be deciphered. Instead of relying on a machine for data, this information is extracted by applying pressure to a muscle. If the muscle remains strong, the answer is "yes"; if it weakens, the answer is "no".

The subconscious mind acts as a constant recorder, nearly like the body's own Google, retaining vast amounts of information. Thus, when we pose a question to the body using Muscle Testing, it responds based on the memory stored in the subconscious mind.


But how can you perform the test if I'm not physically present? That's an excellent question! We utilize a specific method known as Proxy Muscle Testing. This connection, similar to phone or video calls, operates within the realm of Quantum Physics, where particles can entangle across vast distances. This is called Quantum Entanglement. This same principle of Quantum Entanglement is at the heart of all modern forms of communication via electronic devices, GPS Navigation, Medical Imaging (like MRI’s, PET scans), LED lights, Solar Panels, and so much more!


While Quantum Physics and Proxy testing may seem strange, they're scientifically proven concepts. Much of our world operates on quantum principles, including the Electromagnetic Currents in our bodies, which can connect even through digital mediums like photos or videos, over vast distances. Utilizing this scientific method of Proxy Muscle Testing, allows the practitioner to gain valuable insight about what is going on in your body, soul and spirit, in a non-invasive and very cost-effective way! Quantum entanglement impacts our world in subtle yet significant ways every day. It's a reminder of the incredible complexity within and around us. So, why not embrace curiosity and explore the mysteries of your own body, soul, and spirit?

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